Saturday, June 05, 2010

Camp Crystal Lake Exists, DRANK, Defining "Honky" and Driving Over a Toll Booth

Yo my peeps, what be the happenings in your area? Subatomic Media returns with lots of stupid fun talk for you. Vodka eyeballing, zombie fitness, it's all here! It's what Terry and The Dave were destined to do, like Hurley and Ben Linus.

Songs, video embeds and other links!

"Honkey" on Urban Dictionary. Sadly, they've rejected adding our friend Jared.

Buy DRANK at their website or on Amazon.

Songs in the show:

Video: The Nextmen - Round of Applause (featuring Dynamite MC)

How To Sound Embarrassing Around Black People

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Rick said...

Not enough talk about vaginas in this episode.