Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Eve Debauchery

Terry is about to have a threesome!

Fresh out of the joint, it's the Robot Secretary!

Volbeat - A Warrior's Call (Correction: the Volbeat album is called Beyond Hell / Above Heaven)

Requirements to give The Dave music wood. Discussing the relative merits of Jackyl and other crappy rock lyrics. The Dave ruins pie. Gross things don't belong on the internet! Terry ruins Shrek. Top Five Two Three Leprechauns.

NEVER FORGET: the Leprechaun of Mobile, Alabama

Beer panel: Bud Light Platinum vs. Tramp Stamp IPA from Clown Shoes Brewery

Fun with bad sound effects. SAM goes video? St. Patty's traditions. Knuckle exercises.

Walking Dead x Office Space SPOILER ALERT!

Terry and The Dave pitch the actual Walking Dead/Office Space mashup movie. Random Super Trooper quotes.

Powerman 5000 - Devil Inside

The Dave has many nicknames for his fists and Terry overexplains. NEWS ROUNDUP!

Attention, Men Of Cape Cod: Get A Free Pizza With Your Vasectomy
U.S. man buried under mound of pinto beans dies
L.A. woman commits suicide with chainsaw, police say
Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD (Power dance video!)
Commuter accused of sex act on train walks free from court after telling court he was strumming an 'imaginary banjo'
Woman rents computer equipment from Rent-A-Center, goes directly to a pawn shop, pawns the equipment for $300
Youth Basketball Coach Allegedly Bites Off Opponent's Ear
Man brings live grenade to Sarasota Police headquarters
The Story of
Bear Bites Woman's Butt In Central Florida

The Burger King is a creepy dude. The Dave denies he is "special", then proves it.

Icon For Hire - Make A Move

Burps that teeter on the verge of vomit. The Dave's Dumb Thoughts. Women wear hide farts? Terry will have none of it. Top Gun fart jokes! Terry and The Dave ruin Winnie the Pooh. Tonight's second beer: Coney Island Albino Python White Lager from Shmaltz Brewery

Jeff The Brotherhood – Stay Up Late 

Sunday, March 04, 2012

We're So Regular, Call Us Metamucil

UPDATE: Blog title link is now fixed!

The Dave compares penises to construction tools. Why was the telephone invented? We save women money with ideas for fake pubes. Ke$ha has a new metallic hairstyle. Body mod enthusiasts' job prospects.

Pointless blather. News Roundup!

Hotel manager sued for performing lapdances for guests

Florida News Roundup!

New Jersey's coming after the biggest toll avoiders, including old ladies!

Breaking News: Terry is very white! Crazy ray gun can stop you from talking. How to save beer money: buy cans. STD videos and sex education. Foot fetishes: what's the deal with that? Another recurring segment: Terry Watches Videos About...Bears? JCVD & Son. The Dave doesn't recognize Terry's movie reference. Joe Namath wishes we would let it go. The Dave recounts the Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards (very NSFW!)