Sunday, March 04, 2012

We're So Regular, Call Us Metamucil

UPDATE: Blog title link is now fixed!

The Dave compares penises to construction tools. Why was the telephone invented? We save women money with ideas for fake pubes. Ke$ha has a new metallic hairstyle. Body mod enthusiasts' job prospects.

Pointless blather. News Roundup!

Hotel manager sued for performing lapdances for guests

Florida News Roundup!

New Jersey's coming after the biggest toll avoiders, including old ladies!

Breaking News: Terry is very white! Crazy ray gun can stop you from talking. How to save beer money: buy cans. STD videos and sex education. Foot fetishes: what's the deal with that? Another recurring segment: Terry Watches Videos About...Bears? JCVD & Son. The Dave doesn't recognize Terry's movie reference. Joe Namath wishes we would let it go. The Dave recounts the Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards (very NSFW!)

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