Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back Again for the First Time

Intro Music: Maino - Million Bucks (feat. Swizz Beats) (Instrumental)

We're back, and we have to make up for lost time with cursing and poop talk. The fallout and futility of road rage. The dangers of walking around your house naked. Creepy phrases. 

News Roundup! 

Celebrities are people too. The Dave solves the mystery of old men's missing asses. Terry refuses to be a racist hypocrite.

The Dave's dumb thoughts about clothes. The idiocy of vagina smushing. Callback!

Name That Tune with Monocle Man! The Dave likes to talk like a Swedish Jew. The Dave pays homage to/rips off Ron White. Terry is angry at ideas. The Dave runs down the highest-grossing movie trilogies and we both get pissed off about it. Is Coldplay actually rock music?

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ZW said...

I played in a 60+ cup (per team) beer pong game. 30 pack of terrible beer later I think we won... nobody won.